IGEM 2011, 7 – 10 Sept 2011, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC), Kuala Lumpur



Setting the right pace for economic regeneration while addressing environmental issues, the Malaysian Government has successfully identified green technology as the emerging driver for sustainable economic growth. Coupled with the pledge by the Prime Minister of Malaysia to reduce the country’s CO² emission of up to 40% by the year 2020 during the UNFCC COP Meeting at Copenhagen, Malaysian industries have risen to embrace this challenge in a favorable policy environment and develop Malaysia into the green economy hub in the ASEAN region.

Following the successful initiation of the International Greentech & Eco Products Exhibition & Conference Malaysia (IGEM 2010) as the region’s largest green exhibition and conference in 2010, IGEM is set to rack up another notch in its standing as a hotbed in creating a vibrant mix of opportunities to help spur industries and institutions to adopt green technology and boost eco-technological innovators in the field of eco-design, eco-materials, eco-products and low carbon Green Technologies.

Set as an annual event, IGEM is strategically positioned to take the Green lead in the region by converging like-minded industry players and professionals from various sectors, public and private, big and small, local and foreign, new as well as established, to explore and seize the many opportunities from the exciting and emerging green market in the country and the region.

Moving towards commercialization of Green Technology that can diffuse through the market and become universally adopted, IGEM 2011 incorporating IGEM – Renewable Energy will continue to make thematic focuses on sustainable energy, renewable energy and green energy for adoption and start-ups, while providing an essential platform to launch, feature and showcase innovative eco-products, green technologies and services. It is a prestigious venue where green product buyers and sellers interact, transact and forge new partnerships and cross border collaboration.


•To Create Awareness amongst consumers and industry players on the importance of Green Technology and Eco-Products for sustainable consumption and production.

•To Promote green purchasing and develop environmentally friendly products & services, green technology and green supply chain for addressing a wide range of environmental issues; including the reduction of CO² emissions.

•To Showcase innovative & creative green technology & services, eco-products and initiatives.

•To Encourage spin-off industries in green technology, eco-design & eco-materials for achieving international competitiveness & green growth.

•To Foster the development of eco-prenuership and green economy.

•To Promote Malaysia as a regional green economy hub for eco-products and green technology and services.

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